Monday, 20 February 2012

Warranty Worries

I have NEVER been  good at keeping receipts with warranties and then posting the necessary paperwork off. So, in my endeavour to improve my organisational skills, I have bought myself a portable filing box. Today I went through all of my manuals, warranties and receipts and wrote out little labels for the system. Here's hoping it works.

On Saturday afternoon I also made another notebook cover. This one is for our family budget and finances. Looks so much more appealing now.

I used these precut 21/2" squares that I bought from Teesha from 'Craftwerx Studio' and then I raided my stash for some solids and Heather Ross prints.

We moved to the north coast of NSW 3 years ago and I can count on my hands the number of times that we have just thrown on our swimmers (bathers), jumped in the car and gone to the beach for a swim and dinner. We used to live in the river town of Tumut, NW of the Snowy Mountains and about 6 hours from the nearest south coast beach. So you think that we would be beach bound more often and I can't honestly say why we are not. (Although it has rained a LOT this summer!)

Owing to our harsh Australian UV rays and inherited Scots-Irish fair skin, our family doesn't venture out until after 4pm in summertime.

We met a couple of other families from church down by the river at Shaw's Bay. The kids had a blast swimming in the small swells on the little beach and then chasing eachother and seagulls later. All for FREE!

Well not quite! We did order some takeaway fish and chips for dinner.

And got to watch the fishing trawlers head out to sea as the sun set. A beautiful end to a Sunday.

Menu Plan Mondays

This is what's on the menu at our place this week....

We are having the home made chicken burgers plus the beef and been tacos from last week (I forgot to buy the beef mince!)

My youngest and oldest wanted to help prepare the vegetables for Monday night's Pad Thai noodles with chicken.


  1. That's a lovely notebook cover, too.
    It looks like you had a wonderful Sunday. I think it must be so nice to know what you will make for dinner for the week, takes away a lot of the stress of "what shall I make!".

  2. Your organisational skills are very inspiring! Now if only I could translate them from reading about them to putting some of them into practice in our household!

    Loving your notebook cover. It would definitely make it more appealing to tackle those jobs when you have such pretty eye candy to admire in the process.


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