Wednesday, 8 February 2012

It's in the (activity) bag!

Last Wednesday I was asked if I could sew up 30 little bags for my daughter's PreKindy class. Each afternoon they have a 'siesta' but many do not sleep, so the teacher wanted to put together some quiet activity bags to keep children 'resting' but quiet during this time. 

The teacher wanted to pay me but, after some thought, I refused. I'd rather donate my efforts and leave them more money in their budget to buy activities to put IN the bags!

So I got sewing on Saturday night when the kids were watching a movie and my husband the cricket. I had a lot of 'boys' material left over from my son's I-spy quilt last year. I also used 2 fabrics from my 'ugly stash' (you know the ones that you can't really use in a quilt, or anything really?). See if you can guess which 2 they were.

So there's my pile of 30 little bags of various sizes. I used my overlocker mostly and the fastest bags were the ones I made from quartering a pillow case.

February QCA Bee - Scrappy Log Cabin Update

It's nice to get 'Bee mail', as I have termed it. Makes heading out to the letterbox a merry affair and a welcome change from the usual bills and statements. So far I have received from 6 of the 11 other Bee participants. So that is over 50% of the quilt blocks and it is only February 8th! Aren't my fellow bees wonderful? Such hard workers!

Some of the ladies have been generous enough to sew 2 or even three blocks to donate.

Monday's 'bee mail'
Today's 'bee mail'

Here they are together

and then mixed in with 5 of my blocks

Isn't it looking delicious? Like a log cabin gelati!

This week's stats:
Completed projects - 1 (but technically 30 little activity bags)
New projects - 4 (but technically 2 blocks - by the end of Feb, 1 custom strip quilt - will start when I r
eceive 50% deposit later this week, 1 Feb  scrappy log cabin quilt - once all the blocks come in)
Currently in progress - 3 dolly quilts to back

How has your WIP week been?


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog about Noumea :) I too sewed some bags for my son's school, it's great to contribute :) I blogged about mine here but I'm secretly hoping they don't ask me again this year LOL Best wishes for your holiday preparations and again, please let me know if there is anything that you'd like more information on :)

  2. Ooh those bee blocks are looking fabulous together! Are you going to join them as is, or add sashing?

    Ugly fabric seems to be the go at the moment - have you seen the Fugly Fabric Party happening? Bit of fun!

  3. Your bee blocks look great, can't wait to see the final quilt.

  4. I agree. You have log cabin gelati there. It's very bright and cheerful

  5. oooh. Love your scrappy log cabin blocks!! very cool!

  6. Love the scrappy log cabin blocks!

  7. Great looking blocks. The final project will be great.

  8. Yep, that quilt is really coming together. I love the colors. Thanks for sharing!

  9. many responses...thank you all. Some of you are up early in the US! It's 5:58am here. Gemma....I replied on your post. Kristy is there a link to the 'fugly fabric swap'? I still have a couple of yards left.

    1. Fiona, not sure if a link will work here but I'll give it a shot. If not, both Erin and I have it linked on our blogs :)

  10. So good of you to do those bags....and the quilt blocks are so very pretty

  11. Your scrappy log cabin is looking very pretty xxxx

  12. Terrific for you that you got all the bags done for your son's class--I'm sure they were thrilled that you donated them as well.

    And those log cabin blocks would be worth going to the mailbox for, I'd say. How fun to open a letter and see those!

    Elizabeth E.

  13. That's great with the blocks. I want to be more on the look out for things that I can do for charity.

  14. those log cabin scrap blocks are so pretty.....


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