Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Retro Barbie Bargains

It's funny how retro 70's and 80's is quite popular thesedays. I was a Barbie girl from way back. I used to earn $1 a week pocket money and it would take me 2 weeks to save enough to buy my Barbie a new outfit for $1.99.

I recently purchased a re-issued Malibu Barbie at a discount store. It was $24 but it took me back. My next-door-neighbour had this exact one because I remember the sheer yellow outfit with the flares! I had a Malibu Barbie from the 70's but she came with a surfboard/sailboard. Does anyone else remember that one?

So buying retro Barbie gear can be expensive. You can buy this groovy lunchbox for a cool $100 online! Cute but not THAT cute!

Or you can do what I mostly do and pick up some bargains at the Op-Shop (Thrift Store). They are rare but they do happen. I went into my local Vinnie's (Saint Vincent de Paul) store 2 weeks ago. Imagine my delight at finding this 'Jukebox Jive Cafe' for $3 and in it's original box!

and the pieces were all there...even the cues and snooker balls!

Other Op-Shop Bargains

This cruise ship for only $5 bought at the same Vinnie's last year.

Inside it features inter-changable movie screens.
deck party movie
romantic beach walk movie - check out Barbie's painfully thin legs even then!
sea life documentary
the 'Kids are all right' movie

Other features include the Buffet shelf selection

which folds out to double bunk beds

and then folds up to become the ship's Disco!

This Barbie carry box was only $2 and came with a retro picture on the front that my daughter's friends (unfortunately) ripped off.

I have a box full of Barbie and Sindy furniture that I have saved from my own childhood...but I will show and tell at a later date. Stay tuned!

If you blog about your old toys, then please share your link too.

Bloggy Friends

I am very fortunate to have a few new friends through the miracle of Blogland. We have similar tastes and humour and everyone is willing to teach me 'new' things to improve my skills. Kristy from Quiet Play sent me a link to the 'Small Blog Meet' hosted by Lynne at Lily's Quilts .

Whilst my blog following is small, I don't really mind. I mostly write for myself - like a virtual diary - so I can remember what I have been doing. I mean, if I want to, I can just link to a URL photo of the gorgeous Jared Leto.

or a link to my favourite Red Pepper Quilt called ' a la Grande Mere'.

But anyway, in the interests of 'going viral' (hehehe), I am linking in with this group. I might make some more 'bloggy friends'. 


  1. How crazy is this - I saw your Barbie cruise ship in an op shop today!!
    I need to sort out my girls Barbie stuff, but I think we still have a bit of retro stuff - I'll let you know if it's looking for a new home.

    1. hehehe...must be the year for cruise ships to be turfed out hey? ooo yeah let me know of any retro goodies you no longer need.

  2. When I was a kid my aunt had a McDonald's set for Barbie. She hardly let us play with it, I think she was afraid that we would lose the tiny hamburgers and tiny packs of french fries. I think that is why my cousins and I wanted to play with it so much, because she didn't want us to! I will have to see if that McDonald's is still at my grandma's house.
    Also, when I was small my dad welded together a bed for my Barbie and painted it light blue. I think mine may have been the only Barbie with a heavy, metal bed.


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