Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Gumby Giveaway Results

Firstly, I must apologise for NOT posting the results last night. I have a great excuse...my lovely husband surprised me with a dinner date for Valentine's Day. So without further delay I will post the results of my first 'Fugly Fabric Give-Away'

Gumby #1
Definitely the most popular choice with most people putting in 2 entries.

                                                             The winner is Lara!

Gumby Fabric #2

No one directly wanted this one as their first choice and only 3 wanted it as their 2nd. I was surprised because this one is the least offensive in my opinion.

                                                                        The winner is sonalee!

Gumby Fabric #3

                                                                      The winner is Kathy!

Fugly Fabric bag winner

Four people guessed correctly that it was the apricot, green and black tribal print. Yeeech!

                                                    The winner is Waverlee!

I will be sending you out a small bag made out of the moon and stars fabric in the picture above (slightly less fugly than the tribal print alongside of it).

I will email all the winners and post these fuglies off to you this week. Make sure you don't 'return to sender' on these please.

Thank you everyone for visiting my humble little blog for these.


  1. Pretty excited. I cannot wait to get my new fugly fabric, which I think is retro and super cool. Thank you Fiona!


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