Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Scrappy Log Cabin

I have not followed many quilt patterns nor is my 'block' repetoire huge (something I plan to change through my 2012 - Challenge to Myself). However when I saw the gorgeous Scrappy Log Cabin Quilt made by Rita of Red Pepper Quilts, I fell in love with it. 

This year my online Quilt Club is doing a Quilting Bee and so I have chosen to try one for my block scheduled for February. And it just so happens that Rita was nice enough to write an easy tutorial for this one.

So I raided the scraps box and set to work making my first block...

So then I made a few more...they are a tad addictive!

When I trim them up they should measure 8.5 x 8.5". Some of the ladies started last week and are already done...their blocks look fab - o. Not sure if I will sash them or not because it is always trickier to match the seams up. 

Anyway, our group has expanded to 20 people (nearly enough for another 12 to swap among themselves). So that's exciting.

You can check some of them out:
Kate -

WIP Wednesday

Status Update

Pre-Kindy Quilt - finished last night! 

3 x 30s Dolly Quilts - still to baste
6 x Feb Bee 'Scrappy Log Cabin' blocks - finished
2 x Feb Craftsy BoM blocks - yet to start (but it is only Feb 1st hey)

Just got an order today for a lap quilt from a return customer. And the Pre-Kindy has ordered 30 small drawstring bags to use for small quiet activity bags during 'rest time'.  So that might delay the 'dolly quilts' for a time. All good though...the dollies won't mind as they have 3 pram quilts for now.

This week's stats:
Completed projects - 2
New projects - 4 (but technically 2 blocks, 1 quilt and 30 little bags)
Currently in progress - 3

Quilty Uses

My kids have made alternate use of their quilts this week. Both were made by my mum. The top is medieval single bed quilt and the bottom is a floral fan throw quilt.

the boys made a fort 
Fran had a picnic
What 'other' uses have your quilts found?


  1. I love the pre-kindy quilt, it's just adorable!

  2. Your log cabins look great! It's lovely to see your children enjoy their quilts:)

  3. Your pre-kindly quilt is fabulous. I love the layout and the colours!


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