Monday, 30 January 2012

Knackered knees and basting back

Basting your own quilt is not 'bags of fun'. And today I was fighting off a melancholy feeling as I procrastinated basting the Pre-Kindy quilt. 

There seem to be 4 ways to baste a quilt. (I can be corrected here)

1. On the floor with lots of safety pins,
2. with basting spray,
3. with fusible batting,
4. and on the wall with basting spray.

Unfortunately for my knees and back, I subscribe to the first method. The best tutorial I have found is by Red Pepper Quilts. I mean, Rita is a prolific quilter who is well respected in the blog world of quilters...and even she still does basting the hard way. So, reading it over again, steeling my resolve, I set to work.

I taped the backing fabric to the floor facedown.
Smoothed the cotton batting (precut to cot size 50' x 60") on top of this.
this one just will not load the right way up - sorry!
Then laid the quilt top on top of this. And pinned, pinned, pinned!
Thankfully there was a fascinating History Channel documentary on the history of Berlin. After an hour and a half, that was enough for the day. All ready to quilt tomorrow.

Menu Planning Monday

I am trying a new approach by writing some of our favourite meals on permanent card and pinning these next to each day of the week.

This is what's on the Menu at our house this week:
Our pantry is down to the minimum after our visit from the mice...but it's kind of easier to plan for meals. 
Here's Monday's meal cooking. I used fettucini instead of spaghetti though. 
I added some carrot peelings, freshly diced tomato, bocconcini, rocket and basil, to give it some volume. 
Surprisingly it proved a big hit with 2 of my kids.,..with one having seconds and the other eating everything on her plate. 

La adiciĆ³n de verduras es bueno para usted!

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  1. Kudos on the quilt! It will certainly be worth it when it's done.
    Have a wonderful week!


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