Thursday, 26 January 2012

WIP - Pre-Kindy Quilt

Work-in-Progress Tally

1. dolly quilt #1 -  need to add border
2. dolly quilt #2 - same
3. dolly quilt #3 - same

I normally operate under the guideline of "not starting a new project until the last is completed". It works well for me (I do the same with reading books) and I don't have many WIPs lying around. But I needed to leave last week's Dolly Quilts project completion for an important deadline.

New WIP - Pre-Kindy Quilt

My daughter, Frances,  just turned 4 this month. Next week she starts 2 days a week of Pre-Kindy at my sons' school. They have a compulsory 'seista' where they pull out the mats and the room is darkened. We have to supply a fitted cot sheet set but I wanted to send along a little quilt as well.
Fran wearing my pumpkin tea pot cosy
My mum made her this gorgeous 'Apple Blossom Fairies' quilt for Family Day Care, but it is too gorgeous to send. Besides, I'd like to work out how to add a mounting sleeve and then hang on her wall.
I bought a panel of 'Little Girls' last year and Sandi from Crafty Lady helped me to choose some co-ordinating fabrics. She has a gift!
I used some of them to make a 'Flood Quilt' to donate in 2011. 
'Little Girl' Flood Quilt
I must have started cutting the fabric to match the 'little girls' squares because I found a pile.
This would have been great had I stuck to the original plan of using just 6" squares to make a quilt. However I got this great book by Sweetwater Design  for Christmas and found a gorgeous pattern for a Family Room Quilt. So in keeping with goal #3 in the 2012 Challenge to Myself  I decided to try this instead.

But the pattern called for a packet of layer cakes (10" precut squares). As I had already cut some fabric down to 6" squares, I needed to modify my pattern. 

I cut 12" x 6" rectangles from the uncut fabric and used the 6" squares to cut in half for the triangles. Not too difficult. Getting the colour combination right was a little tricky.

This Thursday 26th January is a national 'Australia Day' holiday, and my husband is making it a long long weekend by taking Friday off. We currently have a low pressure system sitting over the north coast bringing us flooding rains. So those factors should combine to give me some time to add borders, baste, quilt and bind before next Wednesday when Fran starts. Fingers crossed!

Fran was kind enough to put Dr Ted to bed this evening...


  1. What a happy reason to put projects on hold! I love your post and this quilt is going to much used and much loved, I'm sure! When I was in high school and college, I wanted to move to Australia and marry an Austraian still live in the States, married an American hunk and still love all things "Aussie"!

  2. I just love those little girls! That's going to be a really fun one.


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