Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Block of the Month (BoM) with Craftsy

One of my goals in 2012 is to challenge myself with quilting blocks. I have never signed up to a 'Block of the Month' challenge BUT this one from Craftsy BoM comes with video lessons. Being a visual learner I was happy to sign up.
My online 'Quilt Club Australia' group has set up a QCA 2012 Craftsy BOM support page where we can create and share. It is open to other Aussies too. Feel free to join up at any time.

January Blocks

It was easy to follow the instructions (once I could get a computer to liaise with our new modem - that's still an ongoing problem btw) with the online tutorial.

Wonky Pound Sign

Now even less cutting and sewing for this block.

The hardest decision was whether or not to use white or jade for the solid fabric. Most of the samples I have seen use white but I decided that the jade would tie my various fabric together more successfully. It was a relief to see a great result.

Until next month (you can't actually get ahead with the online tutorials).


  1. OK, this is a really fun one to have at BOMs Away. :) Thanks for bringing a modern wonky project into the mix! I *love* your fabrics, and I agree - the jade is so much better than white would have been.

  2. Aw...thanks Lyn...nice comments and nice that you read the blogs. That must take ages.


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