Thursday, 12 January 2012

Holiday Sewing

Since 2010 our family has vacationed at the seaside town of Port Macquarie, on the New South Wales coast, just as the new year kicks in. My husband's parents, sister, BIL and nephews are literally next door to us. And this year we were joined by Dean's cousin, her husband and their 3 kids (but staying elsewhere). So it was a great time. The apartments are just across from Flynn's beach (we don't get there until after 4pm to avoid the UV rays) and on the ground floor closest to the in-ground pool.

Last January I cut and sewed most of the fabric for my son's older I-Spy. So this year I had high hopes that I would get a lot of sewing done. I packed my machine and two crates of fabric. However my plans went awry for a few reasons:
  1. the furniture in the apartments had been upgraded and the table was too high, and the chairs too hard, to sew comfortably for long periods. Plus the desktop size had shrunk considerably...and one needs a lot of space to lay fabric out.
  2. the kids have all grown in confidence and spent a lot more time in the pool this year.
  3. we kitted ourselves out with a toddler seat on the back of my new bike, and a tag-a-long frame on the back of my husband's mountain bike, in order to do a bit of cycling with our whole family. Post Mac has a lovely, but hilly, beachside track into Port Central.
  4. I spent time at the 2nd hand bookstore, around the corner, browsing (everything in easy-to-find order), reading (I re-read 'The Perfect Storm'), buying (Mao, Lazarus Rising and Portrait of a Killer by Patricia Cornwall) and drinking iced chocolate.
  5. It was just too nice to stay indoors and sew.
my collection now numbers 5
But I did manage to sew myself 2 cotton skirts for the summer. The one at the back was made from fabric I bought in 1993 but just did not know how to sew a skirt until now. And the other is second from the right with the gorgeous browns, greens and blues.

I had plans to make more...but maybe next year.

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