Friday, 28 October 2011

Halloween on Parade

With only 3 days to go until All Hallows Eve, I was able to finish the binding on both single bed quilts today. You may have read my posts back in July when I pieced the quilts. Earlier this month I had them professionally quilted.

Bats on Parade
Jack-o-lanterns on Parade

The detail is just so whimsical...with bats, stars, swirls and even some phrases like 'trick or treat', 'boo' and 'spooky', using variegated thread. Judy has done another outstanding job.

applique detail

quilting detail

My mum also did the blanket stitching around the jack-o-lanterns and bats for me...bless her. Maybe she will do my quilt labels for me as well. She has an embroidery function on her machine and it does script.

sewing in the ditch to catch the back side of the binding...lots of pins!

This time I used the sewing machine to sew all of the binding...both front and back. I followed a binding tutorial from Red Pepper Quilts and was so surprised to learn that she does not do any hand stitching for her bindings. To sew the back, she sews the front in the ditch and catches the back of the binding on the back. Thankfully, she did mention that this takes a bit of practice as i had many spots where I missed completely and had to re-sew.

I can't say that I found it faster than hand stitching the back ( I did miss out on that time sewing in front of the tv), but I'd say that it would get easier each time. It's nice to learn different methods in quilting.

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