Saturday, 8 October 2011

Declutter #4 Paperwork

I had to tackle a few more clutter projects this week. The paperwork kept piling high and not getting filed. So whilst I had a day to myself I tried to sort it all out and pop it into the filing cabinet. 

But in order to get order sometimes you have to pass through Choas Central. And you may have a looooooooong stopover.

Sorting mail as it comes in has always been a problem for me. I needed a system to help me from piling unopened mail. My first school Principal told me to keep the round filing cabinet handy (he meant the BIN!) when you go through the mail. So now I keep 2 Ikea tough bags by the front door. The top one is for mail that has our personal information and needs to be shredded, The bottom one is for paper and cardboard rubbish that can go straight to recycling. But I still need to find a nice round one for plastic rubbish and other non-recyclables.

I have organised my 3 baskets into Catalogues (we don't get many of those living out of town) , in-coming mail and out-going mail.

Inside the doors are my files trays marked 'File', 'Wait', 'Do' and 'Read'. The red plastic sleeve contains all the 'Bills to Pay'. I have another yellow one for 'Medical Receipts to Claim'.

The two drawers are for those nick nacky things, like sunglasses, business cards, spare keys, pens and watches, that need a home.

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