Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Hidden Hangers

My kids came to dress-ups later than most. I have known children who will wear a Spiderman or Princess outfit 24/7, that's out and about and even to bed! Some parents have to bribe/coax their children out of their costumes just to wash them. I have two school-aged sons, and a 3 year old daughter in Preschool. It wasn't until my daughter hit 2, that dressing up became popular. My oldest, a son with Asperger's Syndrome still doesn't see the point unless it is Bookweek.

We have a lot of accessories that easily get lost in our larger dress-ups box. Most of them have been made by my lovely English friend De, who has a small business in the Blue Mountains near Sydney.

I used coat hangers, with some ribbon, to hang my daughter's collection of wings, gumnut hats and fairy dresses. Initially I hung these on the front of her bedroom door.

But it made things look cluttered. Then I found some great over-the-door hangers and re-hung things on the back of the door.

 I moved the raincoats and umbrellas from my bag rack to the back of the laundry door.

Then I put the backs of other doors to good use too!

My bags on the back of the main bedroom
Boy's dress ups

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