Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Declutter #6 Clothing

When seasons change, it is opportune time to go through the wardrobe and clear out clothes and shoes that will not see another season. Last week I started putting away our Winter clothes and brought out the next size in Summer clothes. 

I also went through my husband's underwear drawer and turfed out many many sad undies and singlets (seeing he got a enough replacements a month ago for Father's Day). I calculated that some of the singlets must have been about 8 years old!

Now a man's underwear drawer does not make for a pretty photograph, however I did move on to decluttering the tall boy in each of my children's rooms as well. So these are my boy's undies, singlets and socks drawers. I sorted through everyone's socks and threw many out. I also rationalised all of the underpants and cut them by half. My oldest boy has all plain undies and the youngest has patterned. This makes sorting easier on wash days.

I find drawers quite nebulous...things go in and get buried with no order. Recently I purchased some drawer dividers from Ikea. They have really helped to compartmentalise each of the drawers and find those sets and items.

pyjama drawer - after
pyjama drawer - before (some winter polar fleece capes were in this drawer)

singlets and tights - before
singlets and tights - after

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