Sunday, 9 October 2011

Lego Declutter

Yes...once again I spent some of the school holidays playing and sorting out Lego with my children. If you remember my last post in July 2011, I managed to sort the Lego into containers and labeled the tops. 

Since then the NEW Ikea catalogue for 2012 came out and I spotted some storage items that I thought could suit the Lego better. They are called RETUR and come in a handy 2 pack for only $10. They also come in a deeper bin as well.

So we bought 3 of the twin packs and 2 of the larger ones just to see if they would work...and I am so pleased with them that I will definitely buy more next time we hit Ikea in Brisbane.

I also photographed the blocks and created laminated labels for easy reference. So far it is working with the kids putting things away.

Alas school returns tomorrow and so today was spent getting ready the school clothes, polishing shoes, signing of notes and replenishing of stationery items.

and a bit of a tidy up!

I also decluttered the bag rack and hat hooks. From this...

to this... 

and made them personal.


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