Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The Foreigners

We all have them. Things in our house that don't belong. They either need a new home to be found for them OR they need to be returned to their original home. 

Laura Wittman author of  'Clutter Rehab', collects these all and puts them on her "I'm Out of Here!" shelf near the front door. 

My book basket sits on the bedside table

As we rent, I can't add a shelf to the walls, but for now I am using the drawer of a retro stool near our front door. It will do for now, but I may use a larger box soon.

Both the box and CPU are supposed to travel to work with my husband this week.

I have started collecting the 'foreigners' and placing them either in the drawer or under the stool.

I am happy to say that the Susie Poole children's books were returned to the MOPS library today. The 'Feelings' 4 pack of books by Trace Moroney and the two teaching series tapes were donated to the MOPS library too. Alas I still have my friend's salad bowl (in a safer place)...perhaps I will just invite her and her family over for a BBQ lunch again this weekend!


  1. Nice idea--I always have clothing that doesn't belong to us. My daughter's friends spend the night and nicely, neatly put their clothes in HER dirty clothes basket. Every laundry day I end up with all kinds of clean clothes that don't live here!!!

  2. hehehe that's funny! Perhaps her friends prefer your laundering and detergent to their mums. Thanks for sharing...made me laugh.


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