Thursday, 24 October 2013

An Orange Story

My Wombat Stew friend Lara and I have never met in person but I think we would be good friends if we ever did.

We both love love love the colour orange!

We also love Mid Century Architecture and Design.

We both love tea and teapots.

So it was not hard to select fabrics for Lara's ATC pouch.

And I had a lot of fun Straight Line Quilting the back over this gorgeous fabric. I just used my walking foot to make the straight lines and turned the corners manually with the stitch up/down button. 

I got my inspiration from this version on Pinterest.


  1. Love this! And the quilting is just fantastic!

  2. Love everything about this - the fabric, colour, sewing and quilting!

  3. So beautiful! Wonderful fabrics and great quilting!

  4. Another fun pouch with awesome quilting!!

  5. It is so lovely! the orang is sunny and bright!!!
    Love it!

  6. So gorgeous! I just stare at the pouch you made me. Too scared to use it! lol

  7. Fiona I love Fiona I love this pouch! You've done such a great job with your ATC pouches and I love he stories behind each of them :) thanks for linking up xx


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