Thursday, 31 October 2013

A Birdie Story

Kristy is a sweety. She loves pattern designing and sewing. She loves green and she adores birds. Did you see the sweet robin wreath pattern she is giving away this week? Her blog posts are always witty and inspiring. 

Kristy and I met online at first but then only in real life when we did a mystery quilt weekend in Coffs Harbour in 2011. 

Whenever we are passing through the mid-north coast I try to catch up with her. She is very thoughtful and has a very kind heart. I am very blessed to have her as a friend and a fellow Wombat.

I enjoyed making Kristy's ATC pouch and I tried something different with the free-motion quilting for this one. I did have to practice it a bit. I keep samples of great  ideas on my Pinterest FMQ board.

Linking up to I Quilt over at Pretty Bobbins.


  1. Kristy is the best!! I am so impressed with all the different quilting you did on our zip pouches!! They are each perfect!!

  2. So pretty! (And I might have repinned a few of your quilting pins)

  3. I so love this little pouch you made for me. Thank you so much, my lovely friend! It makes me smile whenever I look at it :)


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