Tuesday, 22 October 2013

A Peep at our New Peeps

Finally the time was right to get ourselves some baby chickens (and some pullets - but more on those later). Springtime is a good time to buy day old chicks as the weather is warming up.

So I put together a nursery made from an old crate. It is furnished with:

  • A ceramic heater with a clamp (will not blow a fuse or keep them awake with light),
  • A small water container (one that they cannot drown in),
  • A second hand container for the chicken crumble.

But already some of the older chickens, with wing feathers, are able to hop up and out of the crate - YIKES! - so I have made a makeshift lid.

Meet the Peeps

Currently they have only last names - all Presidential - but the kids have little nicknames for them already - Goldie, Lucy, Loveheart etc.

Aren't they all so individual? I have never had baby chicks before in my life. I have been missing out. 


  1. They are so cute!! I want some baby chicks!

  2. Oooo that are so very cute! Garfield is my favourite .. shhh don't tell the others :)

  3. Aaaaaw, they're so cute! This is giving me quite the backflash to my childhood when my gran would raise baby chicks and ducklings in her kitchen next to the heater until they were strong enough to be let outside. Only the were all yellow ones and therefore not such a cool gang as yours.

  4. They look soooo adorable! I love the presidential last names, clever! :)


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