Sunday, 13 October 2013

Sunday Stash #84

Sorry for posting this a bit late today but I have had two sick children this week and the third has now come down with the vomiting virus.

Thank you to Emily from Sew ET for hosting Sunday Stash last week. 

Next week Sunday Stash will be hosted by Foster of Foster Reviews It.

Castle Peeps

I had to retroactively collect this whimsical line by Lizzie House. I had only one print missing from the 2009 collection. It is called Castle Tips in blue. I never thought that I would find it.

Then someone on the Sew You're Destashing Facebook page sent me a link to an Australian seller, Bec Clarke Creations, who had the missing print and for a reasonable price too!

I also added more of a couple of prints that I had only fat quarters of - Castles in green and Castles Multi in red. You can see my previous print acquisitions in Sunday Stash #37.

So now my Castle Peeps collection is complete. Now I just need find some time to make it into a fabulous quilt.
Have you ever had luck finding a missing print?

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  1. Yay! Such a great feeling, isn't it? I don't think I've been quilting long enough to have serious longing for missed out on fabrics, but I have a feeling that I will be glad I bought me some Architextures!

  2. I'm missing just one print from Mendocino - the gold print with the giant octopuses - which I'm 100% certain I'll never find. I'd probably faint if I ever did stumble over it somewhere!

    1. Found it :) I looked for you and I'll tell ya where it is.

  3. Oh I feel for you - I hope the family is all better soon.

  4. I'm missing one print from the blue colorway of Lizzy House's 1001 Peeps. I'm keeping my eyes open for it, but I'm not too confident I'll find it. Since I won't be making the quilt for a little bit, I have some time, but still. I'm so happy to hear you finished your set! :)

    Hope your family feels better soon!

    1. Which one? I know some places that are still selling it.

  5. That is so awesome you were able to collect the entire collection after that fact. I haven't found anything I loved that much to track it down. Good thing there are always new fabrics to become enamored with :)

    Can't wait to see how you use this lovely collection.

  6. Hurray for your full collection! They are going to make a beautiful quilt one day.

  7. Congrats. Hope the kidlets are better today.

  8. I have been a finding fabrics fiend this year. I have found almost everything I've ever looked for. I wish I had yardage of the constellations fabric that is black with the stars, more Heather Ross goldfish and there are others that I wouldn't mind having but I don't "need" them.
    I found Tula Pink coven fabric all colors at normal prices (vs $50 a yard that its selling for now), Full Moon Forrest, Neptune, all sorts of Heather Ross, Good Folks AMH, Osteology by Alexander Henry, Contigo by AH, castle peeps, 1001 peeps, original Lush by Erin Michaels, etc.
    I think the key is to not stop looking. Many people or shops hold on to fabrics and release them only periodically. If there's one you want check every month for it online and you'd be surprised what's out there.


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