Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Making a List

Life at Highlands has kept me very busy this year. I have seen more of my chickens and gardens than I have seen of my sewing room this year.

So as an incentive to get back to sewing as the heat of late Spring keeps my outdoor time limited, I am posting my  Making Christmas List. And I am posting it to the linky party.

1. 2 Bee Blocks -  November and December are still to come for QCA Bee #1.

2. 2 Wombat Stew projects - There are only two more paper pieced blocks to make in October and November.

3. Binding the Parterre Garden lap quilt - a gift for the Kindergarten teacher who is taking Long Service Leave and having knee surgery in early 2014.

4. Wombat Stew Secret Santa - I already have an idea of the project for my partner. I do have to decide on the fabric and the pattern though.

5. Dr Seuss Quilts - My boys are probably too old for these quilts now but I have a very good friend with two younger boys. I did promise them some quilts when they moved to cooler Armidale earlier this year.

6. Skirts - my daughter has outgrown her skirts from early 2012 and I desperately need to make her some new ones.

I am sure that this list will be challenging enough and even added to before Christmas arrives.



  1. Better get cracking! I'm avoiding making a list. But perhaps it will help?

  2. I'm reluctantly starting to think about Christmas now as well. I always end up waiting til the last minute, even though each year I resolve to do better and plan ahead!

  3. Thank you for linking up, Fiona. It's lovely to see your Spring photos and it reminds I must stop saying 'Winter Sewing' I'm really looking forward to following your Christmas makes, Janine :)

  4. That sounds like a very doable list!

    Love the photo of your pond - just gorgeous!


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