Monday, 21 January 2013

I'm a Little Teapot

The Wombat Stew is back in business for 2013.  Wombat Stew is a group of 7 lovely ladies who love to quilt and also paper piece. We mostly met through Facebook's Quilt Club Australia and are made up of:

Kristy from Quiet Play

Gemma from Pretty Bobbins
Marieka from Bespoke Bites
Lara from Luellabella
and me.

This month Lara is Chief Wombat and she has asked for teapots (bless her!). Their bottom must sit on the bottom of the block and also include a selvedge

I had a few teapots pinned on Pinterest but this one struck me the most. There's something about the retro shape and floral design that appeals to me.
A ceramic Blossom Teapot by Swedish designer Camilla Engdahl

I had a fabric similar to this but the print was small. And Teal.

So I chose to use this brilliantly happy Anna Marie Horner Sunflower print instead. It is bold and large (and I have seen it in some lovely colourways).

A quick few messages to paper piecing guru Kristy and she whipped up a 'sweet as scones' pattern for me and sent it through as a pdf. I am sure the pattern will be available soon and if you want to be a pattern tester for this one, please email her. (

I was a bit out of practice with my paper piecing I'm afraid. I find it very hard to work in opposites and this time I used A4 copy paper that I could not see through. In general I have difficulty conceptualising things so paper piecing makes my brain hurt! My block has three extra seams than the pattern calls for due to my trimming fabric too closely as I pieced.

By the time I had come to piece the handle I was back into the pp groove and I only made one mistake with it.

And look at that selvedge yumminess! 

It is off to Lara in the post today...along with some RASK (random acts of scrap kindness).

Oh and if you'd like to try some paper piecing yourself, why not join us over at Quiet Play this month for the 'And Sew On' - a sewing themed, paper pieced BoM, where you can make this...

I still have to make one for myself. Oh and there are prizes for linking up your version by January 31st!


  1. Love it! The fabric choice was perfect :)

    It is hard to get back into the groove of PP sometimes!

  2. YOu're all freaks of nature! lol. One day I may be so brave to give PP a go!

  3. Amazing tea pot. The fabric is PERFECT for it!!!! I must make a tea pot mini/wall hanging for my sister one day.... she is a tea betty!!

  4. Great teapot - love the fabric. (I often have extra seams in my pp projects because of poor cutting - even though I know better!)

  5. What an awesome little teapot! Nice job.

  6. Makes me feel like a cuppa! Strangely enough, I have a collection of teacups at home, some I inherited from my Mum and others are mine and yet not one teapot! Yours is very cute!

  7. Great job Fiona!! i think you chose the perfect fabric!


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