Sunday, 6 January 2013

Sunday Stash #45

Do you recognise this symbol?

If you do then you may have had the pleasure of ordering an Indie print from Spoonflower. Or better yet, your own fabric print.

I ordered a couple of lovely fairytale prints that I thought were particularly well done. Ones that could be added to a boy's quilt, as many fairytale prints are very girly in theme and colour.

Emperor's New Clothes by Scrummy

The Beanstalker by Caen Irminger

Actually this designer is pretty darn good and loves to give the designs a clever name.

Turret's Syndrome by Caen Irminger 

Do yourself a favour and click on the link above to read this one's description. Very witty.

Small Firebird by Caen Irminger

I could have chosen a few more of this designer's prints - 'Shy Ness' (Loc Ness Monster print) and 'Tree Party' (with owls and squirrels).

Have you ever purchased something from Spoonflower? Designed something?

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  1. Those are very cool fabrics! I've not ordered from Spoonflower, but I drool over the designs with some regularity. Some day!

  2. Ooh what fab prints you picked out!! Love the castle one and the firebird particularly!

  3. All of these fabrics are gorgeous. I had heard of Spoonflower but thought they printed fabrics of your design that you submitted to them. I did not realize you could purchase from them fabrics others designed. I thank you for this information. My pocketbook does NOT thank you.... ;•)

    1. If you sign up to their emails you can sometimes get a free FQ of your choice.

  4. Holy heck girl, they are some awesome fabrics you selected! :) I really can't choose a favourite as I love them all! I look forward to seeing what you make with them :)

  5. I have ordered from Spoonflower and love the prints you found! Can't wait to see what you are going to do with them!!

  6. Hi Fiona, thanks so much for your offer with the quilt appeal, I couldn't reply though as you're a no reply blogger. Would you mind sending me another email theelvengarden at gmail dot com and I will give you the details? Thanks so much x jess


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