Sunday, 27 January 2013

Sunday Stash #48

Something Sweet This Way Comes

This week I ventured to my local quilt store, Rainbow Patchwork (see this post) but I did not escape without spending a bit of cash on some lovely fabrics. Remember this cushion on display there?

These were ALL in the $11 per metre section. I bought half a metre of each. It's 'Sugar Pop' by Liz Scott for Moda.

Australia Day Long Weekend

This weekend is traditionally one of getting friends together and outdoor activities, however the remnants of tropical cyclone Oswald have turned into very large rain depression all the way from Queensland and into half of New South Wales. 

So from bushfires to cyclones tofloods all within the month - This is Australia! So that means our Monday BBQ and backyard cricket plans are now in doubt. It may leave plenty of time for sewing and board games instead.

My family playing beach cricket earlier this month

But to brighten up my weekend was yesterday's release of a Union Jack block tutorial over at Molli Sparkles. I am keen to try one of these blocks. Molli will also be hosting Sunday Stash on February 17th.

And thank you to Rachel of Sew Happily Ever After and Allison of Dreaming in Patchwork for signing up to host Sunday Stash in May and June respectively. So nice to have folks want to help out. 

And Sew On

Don't forget that the link up over at Quiet Play, for January's block, will close on the 31st of January. Great prizes available plus the 'Measure Twice' pattern will only be FREE until then too! I have not done my block but I am kind of excluded from the prizes for Month 1 due to a slight conflict of interest (I am one of prize sponsors).

Anything added to your stash lately. Feel free to link up below.


  1. I like that turquise/brown combination and the picture with the beach! Unfortunately no beaches here but snow.

  2. The Sugar pop fabric is lovely! Hubby and sons went camping but they are on their way home now while they can still get back here due to the possible flooding:(

  3. Wow Sugar Pop is gorgeous! We are having a bbq here today in Melbourne, it's actually quite dreary weather! I'd be happy to host one Sunday :)

  4. Ooh Fiona, thanks for the shout out! MWAH! I have got a special surprise for my turn of hosting on February 17, yay! The mod aspects of sugar pop are gorgeous. I think I have a FQ of a fabric not in your pictures... must investigate. Teal + Anything = LOVE.

  5. Feel free to ship some of that rain over here to SA, we never get much at the best of times! Very happy to report we are having a very mild Australia Day weekend here - temperatures all in the mid 20's, so unusual for Adelaide in January! Loving it though, went for a walk along the beach this afternoon without getting sunburnt!

  6. That Sugar Pop is fab! I have looked at that one myself (a few times)!! I hope the weather perks up for you - we get our share of storms here in Florida!!


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