Thursday, 3 January 2013

Helping to Zig and Zag

My mum loved my version of the Zakka Style Zig Zag tote. So last year she came for a visit and chose some linen and fabric from my stash to make her own. She chose the last of my natural Essex linen, a cheery yellow Denyse Schmidt and a blue bee print for the zig zags.

Then she got stuck with quilting the front and back panels and asked if I would do the zig zags for her. No problem. Just so long as that was all. I did not want to assemble that tote again in a hurry!

On New Year's Day, she (at 78), my father (who is 84) and my older brother (48) came down to see our new house. The kids were excited to see grandma, grandpa and their uncle. I was able to give her back her bag panels all quilted. She was very happy.

My Other Patchwork WiP

We inherited an overgrown vegetable patch with our property. This has been my project for the past week. I have gradually been tackling a section at a time.

Weeding - path laying - brick laying (no mortar) - turning with a fork, raking, adding blood and bone, adding sawdust and chicken poo, mulching with sugar cane and then watering. 

As it is very hot and sunny during the day I can only work on it in the early morning and late afternoon. But it has been very therapeutic. I have never had a large vegetable garden before.

I will give the soil a week to absorb the nutrients before adding new seedlings. I have to start thinking about what I will plant. 

Hoping to link up to WiP Wednesday if I am not too late!


  1. Great colours for the bag! Brave thing attempting that one a second time.

    How exciting to have the vegie patch starting to come together!

  2. Looks good! My husband is the Gardner of the family. He loves that outdoor stuff. I was wondering if its been hot in NSW. It's 40 here in SA today! Air conditioning and cricket on tv kind of afternoon. Swimming at the beach this morning.

    1. Oh Sarah I just saw the evening news about the record temperatures in SA, VIC and TAS...that is hellishly hot - usually a February thing. We had a hot day on Wednesday but then a cool change came through in the afternoon and things have been in the 20s since. I think the temps are due to go up but not to the extremes. Your plan sounds very wise.

  3. You did a really nice job on the bag quilting! I love having a garden and the yummy veggies that come from it!! You are doing a lovely job whipping your new garden into shape.


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