Tuesday, 22 January 2013

New Chicken Additions

So I posted last Monday about our original three hens - an Isa Brown (Breanna), a Light Sussex (Washington) and a Barnevelder (Coolie). Then unfortunately on Tuesday morning was lost Coolie. It was all a bit much really. 

What I didn't get a chance to do was post about our new chickens. Two were added to our flock on New Year's Eve. A rooster and his henOne of the 'Two Men and a Truck' moving guys liked the look of our new house (and hen house) and thought it might be nice place for him to deposit his chickens that needed a new home. We were happy to accommodate them.

We think the hen is an Australorp but we are not sure about the rooster.  He certainly IS handsome. He was already named Silver but was regal enough to warrant a Scottish surname as well. And I got to name the hen after my favourite US President (even though I am Australian).

I must say I had some reservations about introducing a rooster but 'Silver McGregor' is such a handsome fellow I couldn't NOT love him!

These two have become fast favourites with the kids AND the two remaining originals.(Apparently for 'pecking order' reasons it is better to introduce chickens in pairs or greater numbers). Washington, in particular, is never more than 2 metres away from Silver now. She follows him everywhere - which surprises me because I think she was the 'top hen' in our flock. I would have thought that she was unwilling to submit herself to a bloke so easily. Turns out I know NOTHING about chicken psychology!

Anyway I will continue my 'Google Farmer' approach to learning about keeping backyard chickens. I have found some great blogs and sites devoted to keeping them happy and healthy. They have been very insightful. I am waiting on the delivery of a book about keeping chickens too! (Thanks Marieka!)


Oh and as chicken farming is all 'new to me' I am going to link this post up to Fiona's linky party over at Celtic Thistle Stitches on the 25th of January.


  1. Obama!! Oh that's just too funny!! Good taste in presidents though ;)

  2. Understandable guess on Obama, but I'm afraid she's not an Australorp. Australorps have very shiny, solid black eyes and a very full lower body build. She may well have Australorp in her heritage though! Very nice chickens. I wish you all the luck. I would swear sometimes that chickens are born with a death wish. And yes, I'm speaking from experience. :) I do love them though.


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