Friday, 25 January 2013

Fix my Wings

This month my QCA Bee was asked to make some Winged Square blocks for Queen Bee Jane. We followed a FREE tutorial by Amy of During Quiet Time.

The trick was to find a decent focus 4" square of fabric that would provide two contrasting colours. Most of the blocks I had seen were floral so I wanted to find something different. I chose an unselvedged fat quarter laying around in my 2012 BoM box (remember I dropped out of the Craftsy BoM about May last year?).

No problem finding a light teal to match but the darker colour was neither green nor brown. Just a khaki in between. Very hard to find fabrics that shade. In hindsight I would have just chosen a light green.

Lots of HSTs and pressing open of seams (a tip from Gemma).

Rather than sew rows I sewed blocks until I got a nine patch happening.

But then I sewed my teal hsts orientated the wrong way (thanks Jane). So I had to unpick and fix that up.

I did make enough hsts for another block but my finger joint is still swollen. So I am off for a follow up to the Doctor today - and I seem to have also developed a rash on my forearms and chest from more of that dratted palm tree contact. So I am sending Jane the pieces so that she can sew it all up.

I think it is going to be a lovely project from the other blocks popping up on our Bee page.

Jane's Winged Square block
By Blossom Heart Quilts on Flickr
And a photo of the much hard fought for newly trimmed back spikey palm tree by the back pond. I just want the thing gone now to be honest. Update: It turns out the rash was from the sap of the mango tree I harvested on Sunday afternoon. It has given me a bad reaction with small blisters. So I have a cream and and oral antihistamine to take.

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  1. Oh, you poor thing. Get well soon! I hope to see the quilt as all the blocks just look awesome.

  2. Hey Fi, which QCA Bee are you in? So sorry about your finger, that is not a good thing! :-( Your block still looks fab, and nice fussy cutting for that center square!

  3. See now I told you, stay away from gardening! Its bad for your health. Leave that to the other half to make sure your in tip top shape for the important stuff - sewing! I love your block by the way too!

  4. Oh Fiona, your garden is giving you a rough trot! Great bee block though :) I too sewed mine into blocks. I don't think I really read the tutorial ;) I agree, it is going to be a fabulous quilt!

  5. Oh, poor you! I didn't know mangos trees were so vicious. Great blocks, m'dear! Hope you feel better soon!

  6. Hope you are better soon! I love this block and great tips in your post. I have a hst quilt in mind so will definitely think about blocks rather than rows. Thanks for linking in to TGIFF!


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