Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Unstinking the Stinker Lone Star

Red, White and Blue - Lone Star

'What a stinker!' was what Kay from Shocking Hocking named our Quilt Club Australia September Bee block for Jodie. Bespoke Bites and Quiet Play also agreed that it was time consuming. I was thinking that there had to be a way to make the project easier. The block is called the Stripey Lone Star and the tutorial can be found at Leisl Made.
So I made a diamond template and decided to foundation paper piece the 1" strips across the length and then cut them up later. I think it helped speed things up.
But I should have made my white squares a bit larger like Quiet Play and then cut them down. My 2nd half was a bit wonky and so I had to trim a bit through the middle so it does not quite match up.

I did have 2 diamonds and lots of R,W & B strips leftover to send to Jodie.

Just White and Blue - Flower of Scotland
Only two colours adorn the flag of Scotland. Eldest son Duncan has been doing a World Music project for the past 3 weeks and we finished it up together last night. 
That's the piper outside the church on our wedding day and that's us looking much younger
My family heritage on my mother's and father's side is very Scottish. Before I became a Gregory 10 years ago this Friday, I was a McLeod, my mother was a Duncan and her mother was an Armstrong. On my father's side there are the clans McLeod, Cameron and McInnes. 
 So that heritage led Duncan to chose the bagpipes of Scotland. 
One of my favourite shows is called 'Who do you think you are?' both the UK and the Australian versions. My dad has researched a bit of our heritage and has found some interesting revelations. I hope to hear more.


  1. Very clever idea for your shortcut! Wish I had thought of it! So glad it worked out for your block.

    The Scotland project looks so great - we should do a quilting retreat in Scotland hehehehe!

  2. Your start is fine, dont worry about the lines not matching if you are happy with it! We just spent 3 weeks touring the UK, and as my hubs family were Scottish we had kilts made for the boys, so I recognise the McGregor clan tartan!

  3. I like your paper-pieced diamonds, they make that block look much more achievable. Being Scottish I think you cannot beat a good tune on the bagpipes, but I am willing to admit that I might be biased :)

    Agree with Kristy about the quilting retreat!

  4. Great idea to paper piece the star! It looks great. But I don,t get what you mean about white squares? Do you mean for a seam allowance? I'll look up those other blogs and have a look. You've got me thinking now!


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