Sunday, 16 September 2012

Sunday Stash #31

This week's Sunday Stash is brought to you by two of the generous ladies in my Wombat Stew bee. Both were unexpected gifts of fabric in the mail. 

The first from Jane. A gorgeous ticket print in bright colours by American Jane. She had put a piece of this into one of the Travelling Stashes but alas it was snapped up before it got to me. She must have made a metal note back then because this little sweetie turned up in my mailbox this week. Thank you Jane - you gave me a thrill of glee.
The second from Marieka. Sometimes the Coffs Fresh Quilters  order fabric for each other to make the most of postage costs from the US. So Marieka was sweet enough to send me a few of the fabric that she and Jane ordered. Three of these prints are from designer Lizzy House.

Jane and Marieka call the green and yellow prints 'Pearl Bracelets' and they are such a great blender fabric for any projects. In fact these prints, plus the ticket print above would have been great in my Katie Jump Kites quilt back that I finished yesterday. However I wanted to stick to Denyse Schmidt prints only.

That pinky/red print is called 'Fiona's Fancy' - and it is written on the selvedge - so it may feature in a future project for me. And Marieka threw in that tea bag holder probably knowing that I am usually too lazy to take my tea bag out of my cup. Thoughtful of her.

Kate Spain 'Serenade' Winner
Last week I really wanted to reward the folks that linked up to Sunday Stash #30. Some of you are so faithful to it and I really appreciate it. I also thank you for spreading the word about linking up each week. We had 13 entries and it was nice to pop over and visit them all. 

So the winner of the charm pack is....
#4 Marieka! And it's Mr Random, and not I, that picked her. Honest.

Kaffe Fasset Give-Away Winner

Well it took a year and three months for Grandma Macs Quilts to reach 500 'likers' (apologies to those who made comment way back in June 2011) but I finally can give away the charm pack that has been in my fabric drawer waiting patiently. There were 45 comments but three of them were my replies so I discounted them.

The winner is....
#39 (that's 39 - 3 = 36) Norma Bradley from Norma's Craft. Congratulations.

So what's new in your stash this week? Feel free to link up below


  1. Love the ticket print. The Bracelet ones remind me that the green one is still biding its time in my stash...

  2. Very nice additions. I really like the Lizzy House bracelets. I'll be showing one in my post tomorrow! Fiona's fancy looks like a great stash builder, too.

  3. Haha, this reminds me I had a dream I picked up a Serenade charm pack at Big W... must've been thinking about Sunday Stash!! Congrat Maz!!

  4. Yay me!! I'm a bit excited about that Serenade charm pack! Am also very chuffed to be featured as part of your Sunday Stash :). That fab teabag holder is from the cool country designs at Red Tractor :)

  5. I am so happy! I only enter giveaways when I really want to win... and I won exactly the charm pack I so wanted. Thank you so much.

  6. That ticket print is great! Lucky you to have such lovely quilts friends :) I linked up a post from earlier this week, expecting some goodies next week so might have something more exciting to share next Sunday :)

  7. Yayy! I linked up, thanks Fiona. I know I am american, but "wombat stew" made me giggle!

  8. BTW, I am having trouble making your button work on my blog. Any suggestions??

  9. Ooh yay for new fabric! How cute is that ticket print!

  10. I linked up for the first time :-) Couldn't make the button work tho', it just said the link was broken or something? I expect it's me though!?


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