Friday, 7 September 2012

Happy Garland Messenger Board

It's a finish for one out of seven Zakka Style projects. Hoorah! I think this was the easiest in the whole book so far. In all I think it took me less than two hours to do. 

Embroidery Hoop - I used a 6.5" diameter as the local store did not have 10" ones

Button Making Kit - to make the turtle peg clip.

Hot Glue Gun - my first time with a craft project and I am in love with it. I picked up a cheap one from the local store and it may not last but it came in handy with the peg and glueing the fabric to the back of the hoop and then covering the back with felt.

Fabric - an off cut of Essex linen blend was JUST wide enough to fit the hoop diameter. The scrap bin provided me with the greens, oranges and browns for the tiny bunting.

Water Soluable Fabric Pen - for drawing the bunting string.

How did you find this week's project?

An Auction for a Friend in Need

Nearly 2 months ago Danielle's husband Josh woke up with a headache went to pour himself a glass of milk and spilt it three times. Since then Josh has lost the ability to walk and his headache sits at a steady 7/10 on the pain scale. Doctors in the Canberra Hospital cannot find  a cause or a treatment for him. 

After more than 5 weeks in the Emergency Dept. he has now been moved to a Rehab Ward doing rigorous workouts and strapped to a harness to help him try and walk. Except it Josh isn't getting better.

Separated from Josh (except for hospital visits), Danielle is somehow managing to take care of their two little boys, run a business, a household and a regular job. I don't know how she can hold it all together. Her own immediate family have their own health issues to deal with and so practical help must come from friends.

Starting today there is an auction to help raise money to send Josh to see a Neurologist in Sydney. Some of the ladies from Quilt Club Australia have donated items and so have I. 

Also my lovely friend Emma from Jem of Mine Dolls has donated 'Bliss' the most adorable 15" natural Waldorf doll for auction.

The link for the auction is here on Facebook. Please take a look and see if you could support this lovely family by bidding on some of the items. 

Auction runs from 9am Friday 7th September until 8pm Sunday 16th September and is OPEN to international bidders.

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  1. Such a cute hoop!

    Gosh such a sad story. I'll be sending my wishes and positive vibes for the auction =D

  2. How did you attach the bunting? It looks great!

    1. No vliesifix at all (although it may be wise). I just sewed slowly over the top and removed the pins as I went.

  3. Your hoop turned out so beautifully!

    It's lovely to see the quilting community rallying together for the auction - it's already off to a great start!

  4. That hoop is SO cute! I'll be praying for Josh. I can't spend ANY money right now, as we are in the middle of a move and jobless, but I would gladly donate a quilt, if you need anymore.

    1. Oh Janice that sounds tough for you right now. The donations have closed for the auction I'm afraid but that was a lovely offer.

  5. Your hoop is fab! I hope the auction goes well.

  6. Your garland messenger board is awesome, Fiona! Such a sad and frustrating situation for Josh and his family. They are in my thoughts and prayers. Good luck with the auction!

  7. It came out really pretty, Fiona! I love the fussy-cut covered turtle button it's adorable! Hope Josh will get the exam he needs and they can figure out what's wrong with him! It's such a nice effort you guys have there with the donations. Good luck to you!


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