Sunday, 2 September 2012

Sunday Stash #29

There's been a lot of fabric movement in my small circle of quilting gals lately. Lot's of squishy mail received. I have not missed out myself.

Heather Ross

Now HR is a very talented illustrator/artist and she makes mostly thematic and whimsical fabric lines. Some of you may be familiar with her:

Very popular Mendocino mermaids in purples, browns and pinks.

Far Far Away 1 - featuring the Frog Prince, unicorn and the Princess and the Pea
Far Far Away 2 - Sleeping Beauty, Owl and the Pussycat, 
Far Far Away 3 - Snow White, Rapunzel

May she ever continue that theme of FFA infinitum. I would love to see some Emperor's New Clothes, Rumplestiltskin and Aladdin designs for the boys out there.

Also on Spoonflower where you can pick up some of her out of print designs.

Munki Munki was a range of pyjamas that women loved enough to cut up and sell off in small amounts. I personally have the goldfish set for summer and the sledding flanny set for winter. I have resisted the urge to cut them up.

Then she has also designed flyers, surfboard decals and illustrated books for herself and others. She runs workshops for those fortunate enough to get to NYC.

She also has new book out on fabric design called 'PRINTS.' I have ordered a copy from The Book Depository.

You can check out her blog. She does not write often but when she does, it is witty and descriptive. What I like most about her is her lack of snobbery. She is very down-to-earth despite being extremely talented and having a huge fan base/cult. 

Nursery Versery

So here is her latest line called Nursery Versey. And features the 'Town and Country Mouse, Incy Wincy Spider and the Three Little Pigs' in 4 colourways - pink, purple, green and grey.

I ordered half yards from Fabric Worm and have already fussy cut into mine for the Nursery Versery Contest drawn last week at Stitched in Color.

They also carry her other new line called 'Crafty Chloe'. I bought half a yard of each and a full yard of Chloe crafting.
Who else is in love with HR now?

So what's new in your stash this week. Feel free to link up below.


  1. What great fabrics there (minus the 1st one) I wish I had fabric to share, but the fabric ban is winning =D

  2. Oh that Nursery Versery fabric is very cute Fiona!

  3. Loving these additions to the stash Fiona! Oh and love those pyjamas of yours too!

  4. Great HR stash. I wasn't into sewing when that Mendocino came out; I wish I had been, it is divine.

    1. Neither was I Simone...I have picked up small snippets here and there through Etsy. It has a lovely texture to it. One of the mermaid prints is still available through Spoonflower.

  5. I must say I'm very jealous of your stash! Just beautiful Fiona!

  6. I have a bit of an HR addiction and I'm saving my pennies for her book!
    I think I'd be embarrassed to show my HR stash. It's a bit over-indulgent. That Martian print is one of my favourites! I only have the tiniest scrap of it left and I treasure it!


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