Thursday, 8 August 2013

Restoring the Deck

I found a local handyman and things are getting done around here. It is such a relief. His name is Tom.

First he put a window into my existing laundry door. Something that was quoted at $735 cost me exactly $130 instead. Got to be happy with that. And now I can see in the laundry without flicking the switch.

Then he fitted the door with a new levered door handle. This is one that I can actually lock from the outside and unlock from the inside. It is much more child friendly.

Then our front door got the same treatment. The inside handle used to come off in our hands. So dangerous if there was a fire.

Our deck finally got some attention too. I did not think that it looked that bad until Tom used his high pressure hose on it. It had a lot of mould on it.

Then the colour chart for Merbau oil was totally wrong and I got an Uluru red deck instead of a brown one.

So the second coat wasa little darker.

Then the sides and steps were painted with a blue/grey oil.

We felled a couple of the golden cane palms which lets more sunlight into the area (not sure if this will be a liability when summer comes around). Cleaned and oiled makes it looks so much better.


  1. Your deck is beautiful! And I love your gardens. So very different from what we have here in central USA.

  2. Oh the deck looks great! yay for Tom the handyman!

  3. So much progress!! Looks great Fiona!

  4. wow....You are on the ball with the home improvements. Love your gardens


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