Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Little Tastes of Spring

Living on the north coast of New South Wales where nearly every weekend this year has been wet I now admit that I was a bit too ungrateful for that constant in my garden.

It has not rained for more than a month now. The garden is starting to suffer from serious droopiness.
Sweet Peas

But small changes are happening. Spring is whispering to the trees and insects and reptiles.
Orange Blossoms

But I wish it would rain. Even just a little.
Strawberry Blossoms


  1. Love your photos Fiona! They are are just beautiful! Spring is just round the corner!

  2. Beautiful pictures!! Spring for you, means fall for me :)

  3. Your photos are gorgeous! I wish I could send you some rain. So far this year we've had over 70 inches!

  4. Gorgeous! You know that when it does rain you'll be wishing it would stop!


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