Wednesday, 28 August 2013


I actually had most of this sewn last Wednesday but was too busy to post about it.

I have been working hard on my Artist Trading Cards these past 10 days. 

I was struggling with the whole concept of a card that does nothing but form a piece of art (sorry folks I am a practical kind of gal!). 

So I asked the Wombat Stew recipients if they would not mind if I turned my card into a useful zip pouch.

They were all gracious enough to say yes. I have been buzzing ever since. 

Each pouch now has a back, an inner and some quilting to match each of the Wombats and their personality.

Loving this project.

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  1. Love, love loving these designs! I am practical too, so I am glad you got to make something, lol.

  2. These all look amazing Fiona and very special!!

  3. Inspiring free motion work.

  4. Ooh such a fabulous sneak peek!! Can't wait to see how these turn out! (Having fun trying to guess which belongs to which Wombat!)

  5. Now I'm really curious! The peeks lookk great!


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