Sunday, 3 February 2013

Sunday Stash #49

This week's Sunday Stash comes courtesy of the Australian Sew You're Destashing Facebook page. Lara from Luellabella was clearing out a few irresistables that I snapped up

1001 Peeps by Lizzy House in the tan colourway.

Kona Solid - 'Mocha' - over a yard

Retro Floral - I adore this piece and might use it with the Retro Kitchen paper pieced block I need to make for Marieka this month. Doesn't it look like 70s wallpaper?

RASK - Lara slipped in some scrap love. She always does. The sweety.

So how is your Stash this week? Feel free to link up below.


  1. I swear I had a kitchen painted in the colors of that fabric. It would have fit right in. And yes, it was the 70s.

  2. That's the perfect fabric for Marieka's kitchen block!

    Looks like your Peeps collection must be nearly complete!

  3. Love scoring from others destashing!

  4. Hi - I'm just new to buying off the FB Destashing site - is it normal to pay via Paypal as a 'gift' and then pay the paypal fees or pass the fee on to the seller? Not sure what is the 'right' thing to do?

  5. Cool addition! I'm looking forward to the the kitchen block.

  6. 1001 Peeps? Yes, please! That bottom print is my particular favorite!


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