Saturday, 23 February 2013

Meet the Flock

Meet the flock...
A rare shot of all 7 together and following me to the chook pen hoping that I had some food!

We currently have 7 chickens. 2 we inherited. 2 we adopted and 3 we bought.

Crele Leghorn Rooster
also knows as Silves

Adopted from a farm in Wardell with his hen Obama on New Years Eve 2012.

Light Sussex hen -  Head chook
also goes by the name of Fatty and Wash Wash

Inherited when we bought the property in December 2012

Isa Brown hen 
also called Bree Bree

Inherited when we bought the property in December 2012

Not sure of her breed. Australorp? Black Sex-link? Hybrid?
also known as Scruff, Scruffy, Obi, and Obi- Wan

She came with Silver from a farm in Wardell on New Years Eve 2012

Barnevelder hen 
A bit on the outer still but hangs around with the youngest 2 pullets Roosevelt and Freckles.

We bought her with another pullet that turned out to be a rooster so we had to return him.

Ancona hen (here's hoping!)

Bought from Farmer MacGrath Feb 2013

Light Sussex X Lohman Brown hen
also known as Roosey

Bought from Farmer MacGrath Feb 2013

The chicken coop was already built on the property and seems to a very sturdy brick inner (perhaps a converted kid's cubby house) with an L shaped outdoor run, two nesting boxes and room to eat and drink.

They have free range access to our 5 acres from 7 am - sunset each day. They like to play 'hide the eggs' with us. We once found a clutch of 18 eggs under some plants. During the day they often come to my sewing room window and keep me company. They seem to respond to their names when we call them.

They are such a delight and have really added a wonderful dimension to our family. My kids love nothing better than to race in the front door and straight out the back door to play with them after school each day. Needless to say, plans for a puppy or two are now on hold.

For some reason Breanna always looks tired but she is very patient
and the most compliant of our seven chooks


  1. Hope your chooks have been ok with all of the rain!

  2. What sweet chickens - and I love their names! Your kids are pretty darn cute, too! Thanks for sharing the flock with us!

  3. I would love to keep chickens! Unfortunately our city garden is tiny - though the man across the road keeps ferets!

  4. What a stunning flock, such a variety of breeds and colors! Thank you for sharing with the Clever Chicks Blog Hop this week!

    Kathy Shea Mormino
    The Chicken Chick


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