Saturday, 16 February 2013

Winter Solstice Quilt

The Winter Solstice in China is called Dongzhi and families get together and typically eat dumplings. Last night, at a Women's gathering, Lao Lao did a cooking demonstration to show us how to make them. The only tools she used were a pair of chopsticks and a cleaver.

Afterwards her daughter Goldie translated the story of how she came to a faith in Jesus after many years of being a Communist Party member. It included two miraculous healings - one from a skin condition and the other from crippling motion sickness.

I finished the quilt top for Lao Lao this afternoon and I hope to get working on a suitable quilt back tomorrow afternoon.

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  1. Lovely, soothing colors. Perhaps something with a lot of cream in it for the back?

  2. Lovely quilt - I'm sure it'll be so appreciated!

  3. What a calming quilt. So pretty!


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