Friday, 1 February 2013

Faith is the Substance

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1

That has got to be my favourite verse in the Bible. I have faith in people and a lot of faith in God. So when Kristy was looking for volunteers to try out inspirational words with her new 'Just my Type' paper pieced patterns - I snapped up 'Faith' in the lower case letters.

I think I must be getting better at paper piecing because there was definitely LESS unpicking this time. And even though some of the pieces are teeny tiny I still managed to do them right. I did have momentary panic when it looked like I had sewn my 'f' back-to-front. However it turned out that I was sewing a 't' by mistake and had it up-side-down. Hehehe.

With the green fabric I used a few leftover 2-3" strips leftover from the back of Fussy Fairytales. The 'white' was just homespun from Spotlight as per requested.  Kristy is gathering all of the words to assemble into a donation quilt for the recent bushfires. But now that Queensland and NSW have added massive floods to the January disaster list I think we will be making donation quilts for a while in 2013.

And Sew On

Now the February block should be out soon (poor Kristy is having a phone and internet crisis with her new rental) at Quiet Play. So just keep checking. I was so pleased to see over 40 blocks made it to the January Link Up (if you sneak over to her Craftsy store the Jan block is still FREE for the moment). I am ready to post out my bag of fairy goodies to a happy entrant.

Update: The details for the 'You Little Ripper' February ASO block are now up and posted at Quiet Play. Remember that the pattern is only FREE for this month (only 28 days) and that the link up will be open only slightly longer to allow for the time differences. Great prizes on off for this month too.

Linking up to....TGIFF over at Quokka Quilts today.


  1. Nice work on faith. Looking forward to seeing all the words together. Another wonderful start to the year in Australia - another disaster prone summer it seems. I do feel for those poor souls in Queensland that have only just moved back in after the flood two years ago, it must be heartwrenching.

  2. Love how "faith" turned out! It looks beautiful - perfect fabrics!

    Such crazy weather with fires and floods all in the same month - will definitely be needing some of these charity quilts for the near future.

  3. The letters are very beautiful: they can easly be recognised and are really elegant (can you say that about letters? Well I just did)
    The word doesn't give me the same emotion as it does you, but it might still come ...

  4. Very neat, "faith" looks lovely :) Great verse too!

  5. My DREAM looks a bit easier than your faith, can't wait to see them altogether in the quilts.

  6. neat! My word fits just right for me as well.

  7. Lovely letter patterns, and your choice of word is perfect. Love it!

  8. Has turned out really well Fiona and I think the lower case letters were much more fiddly than the uppercase! Thankfully mine were uppercase.

  9. Great Word and beautiful work!


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