Saturday, 11 August 2012

Swapping Saturday

I was ill with influenza virus this past week. I literally could not get out of bed from Saturday until Wednesday. I have never been bedridden that long!

But I did get two parcels this week that cheered me up. 

Secret Santa Swap
I love this bag and the spotty fabric
I got the cutest little bag of goodies from Kelly of Made By Kelly. She stalked me well on Pinterest because I love handmade felt Christmas tree decorations. And now I have 6 to put on my tree in December. 

Rainbow Charm Swap
This is one that I had to supply 10 FQs of 'yellow' fabric for and cut into charms by the end of July. I was really surprised how great the return was. There are about 100+ individual charms in various hues of the rainbow. 

It made a nice bright ending to a wasted week of illness.

What about you? Have you participated in any good swaps lately?


  1. Ooooh such great goodies! I notice there's not much purple, but a whole lotta blues and greens....=D

  2. I was wondering why there hadn't been many posts from you this week. Hope you are feeling better. Those ornaments are too cute!

  3. So glad you are starting to feel better! How lovely to get some fun mail to cheer you up!

    Love love love Kelly's Christmas ornaments! How incredibly cute!!

  4. I love all rainbow stuff, thsese are lovely!


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