Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Delightful Linen Bag

And it is a delightful project and yet another bag! The picture in the book is deceptive because according to the pattern it turns out quite small. Thanks to other bloggers in the Zakka Sew Along, learning this in advance meant that I was determined to make mine large enough to fit an ipad or kindle book in.
I must say it did come together quite easily and you can make this bag as simply as you want. I took a bit of time decorating the front and back panels and then adding a over-the-shoulder strap too - so that took up the majority of my time.

Cutting - No need to cut the front and back panels separately, I used a single piece of fabric for the both the front/back and the inner lining. I sized mine up to 10" x 24" (but folded in half in came down to a nice 10" x 12"). I did not use linen (well aware of it's fraying qualities) but some textured solid in brown.
Embellishments - Some of the clever ladies had time to make their own cross- stitch and crochet items. I had whipped through the book months ago and spotted the decorations on this bag and so I kept my eye out for handmade lovelies at local op-shops. It never ceases to amaze me that, not only do these precious items end up in thrift stores but, they are priced so cheaply. Luckily many of us see their true value and then re-purpose them into our handmade projects.
I had a selection of embroidered and crocheted doilies to choose from. I wanted to make a bag for my mum that matched the previous Messenger Bag and Tweed Pouch - so I looked for those colours in the embroidery.
I was able to use the leftover scraps and applique some extra features on as well. I had a couple of orphaned charms that fit the style as well. I cut them into smaller 2.5" squares and also used a full one on the back. I used zig zag and straight stitches with various stitch lengths to achieve different textures. I also used different coloured threads (light green to contrast and also variegated).
Velcro - As well as the button closure, I added a full strip of velcro to the lining to keep precious things from falling out.
I think Elnora's idea of adding a strap turned the bag into a more useful item. I did not have the right material and so had to make my own. It took longer but I used one of my favourite fabrics on the inside.

Use what you have
I think the best thing about this project was ferreting around in my buttons, ribbons, scrap boxes to find the bits and pieces necessary. Look at this garish retro button I found that works perfectly.
Go and visit the Flickr or Linky page to see how others made their linen bags delightfully individual.

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  1. Love the way you've re-purposed the vintage goodies, including the button, on this! And using rickrack for the button loop was a great inspiration. Look how it makes the orange in the other items shout, "Notice me! Notice me!" Lovely...

  2. This looks so great Fiona! Love it! Fab use of vintage doilies!

  3. I used an old embroidered doiley on mine too! They are lovely little works of craft, aren't they! I have also used them in the centre of a nine patch cushion! Yours is very sweet and so useful!

  4. Loving your version of the pouch! Great use for the doilies =D


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