Thursday, 16 August 2012

Slash the Sasha Stash

In about April or May this year I was introduced to the concept of the Travelling Stash through my online Quilt Club Australia. Cassie from Cass the Coolest was brave enough to start the first one. Her nickname is Sasha. Well Sasha turned up at my Post Office today a naughty 20g over her 3Kg weight limit. And when I opened her up she was bursting to the seams with stuff. 

So like a rabid Michelle Bridges I went to work on her weight problem. Like Kelly I had trouble with selecting and exchanging 'like for like' items. I had saved this  great item to put in but it weighed over 300g and that was 100g over what I had already chosen. It would have put Sasha over the limit for sure. With some rethinking and tweaking, I eventually came up with a selection.

What I took out                                                                              
3 FQs - cute country quilty print, one reproduction Windham, one pale brown floral
1 variegated purple thread - not a colour in my thread stash
1 quarter inch quilter's tape - never tried this but it has to be better than masking tape eh?
1 turning tool - I may find this very useful for future Zakka projects
1 finger seam presser - helpful for paper piecing
1 packet of anti-slip ruler dots - I was hoping a packet of these would slip through the cracks to me.
1 embroidery pattern called 'Dragonflies' - my mum would like this style
1 embroidery book - also for my mum

What I put back in
3 FQs 
5 skeins of embroidery floss
1 packet of small metal make-your-own fabric buttons
2 packets of large make-your-own fabric buttons
1 packet of long quilter's pins
1 pkt seam rippers
Copy of 'Handmade' magazine 'Christmas Special'

 to cut down her girth I removed the two embroidery items and put in a magazine 
And now Sasha is a respectable 2.86Kg and a much slimmer version that is able to be slipped into a prepaid satchel. I am just waiting on Cassie to find out who I address her to next. 


  1. Oh dear the overweight must not have been good. I'm thinking I should host one here in the UK =D

  2. Glad you found some treats in there - the quilter's tape will be very handy! Nice job on getting her back down under weight too!

  3. LMAO "like a rabid Michelle Bridges"!! So glad you were able to successfully trim Sasha down. Looks like you had some fun with it! I can't resist taking things from stashes for friends and family too. I have a friend who loves cats and when Farrah the FQ stash came by I just HAD to take the cat fq for her. Albeit it's still here at my computer, but we will catch up over a cuppa soon and I will give it to her :-)
    So glad you took part, thanks for being so patient and thanks for some awesome shots and an entertaining blog!! Love Cass


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