Monday, 13 August 2012

Sugar Cookie Sack

Out of the entire Zakka Style book this was the project I was MOST looking forward to making. It is sooooo sweet and being a lover of felt decorations I was so excited that it was on the 'to do' list this month.
Now that I can embroider, I found the label easy to do with stem, straight and back stitch. I was able to do about 3/4 of it whilst ill in bed for 5 days. 

My Version

I reversed the fabrics and had a plain label because I had the sweetest vintage sheet fat quarter all picked out for it. 
My cookies had icing and buttons.
I sewed the ribbon onto the back of the sack after I had decorated it with one of the only fancy stitches on my Janome 2101DC.
It is now being enjoyed by my 4 year old daughter with her tea set. "I'll have a cuppa and a cookie please Frances."

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  1. That is so adorable! Your embroidery looks fantastic. Love those little felt cookies!

  2. That is so cute! I loved that project as soon as I saw it in the book too!

  3. Love it all, especially the icing buttons (o:

  4. Your cookies are the prettiest I've seen! I love the clever and sweet!

  5. That's such a cute set! So fun for children to play tea parties with =D

  6. This is so lovely and so sweet. You have really made it your own with style and creativity. Nicely done.

  7. Your cookie set looks so sweet. I love the button decorations.

  8. OH MY GOSH, so cute! My daughter would absolutely love playing with this!

    Thanks for linking up to The Handmade Parade!

  9. Now that is just ADORABLE (sorry to shout- hee hee!)
    Hmmm... better not let my daughter see this or it'll be another thing added to her constantly growing list of things that she wants me to sew for her...

  10. I just love this project! It too was the reason why I succumbed and brought the book! Mind you I had better hurry up and make it if I want Miss Moo to play with it - otherwise it might just have to be a future project for when my sister has children! LOL.


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