Friday, 31 August 2012

August Round Up

It's funny but until I put together my pic monkey collage I would have honestly said that August was another non-productive month like July. However, it hasn't been. It seems that I have been inspired by lots of other quilters out there this month.

Even though I have kind of fallen off the Zakka Style Sew Along bullet train, I have made 4 of the projects this month. 

Two of the Zakka projects, the elephant bookmark and delightful linen bag, were perfect for my mum's 78th birthday. She loves elephants and I am trying to encourage her to buy either an ipad or a kindle for herself to put in the DL bag.

Fran got the sugar cookie sack to put with her tea set.

The other ZSSA project, the bakery basket, was perfect for my baking friend Marieka of Bespoke Bites. It's not her birthday but I love her to send things for just being her.

It was also the Practically Paper Piecing Blog Hop at  this month and my project was very time consuming. I lost 5 days to a dreadful flu that had me bedridden and so I had to quickly make the trees and leftover houses in 2 days before I delivered a patchwork talk, illustrating my life, to 40 ladies at a Friday night dinner.

The back of the Neighbourhood Playmat was inspired by Kristy's Quiet Play LEGO Playmat for her son's birthday. 

Juliet's Tartan Kiwi paper pieced Art Folder and Rachel's Stitched in Color Nursery Versery mini-quilt were the  inspiration for my own Nursery Versery Art Folder

Left - Nursery Versery Art Folder
Top - Bakery Basket, Sugar Cookie Sack and Darth Maul cape (easiest thing I made all month)
Centre - Neighbourhood Playmat
Right - back of NPM featuring LEGO blocks, Mondrian blocks
Bottom - Delightful Linen Bag, Elephant Never Forgets Bookmark

How did you fare in August?


  1. Wow - you achieved a lot for August! Especially with all that work that went into your gorgeous Neighbourhood playmat! Well done!

  2. Wow what a month! Hope you are feeling better! I do love the neighborhood play mat!

  3. Some great makes there! I'm loving the Delightful linen bag the colours are gorgeous! =D

  4. Gosh you made some gorgeous items in August Fiona! Some stunning fabrics too! The playmat turned out just perfectly. Well done!

  5. You have had an awesome month Fiona!! Seriously love that art folder. Can't believe you made it in a day!

  6. Oh my Fiona, when you put them all together it seems so much - did you really do all that - and with flu in the middle? You are awesome. I tend to think more of the things I want to do but I might just take some inspiration from you and look back at all I've done.


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