Saturday, 3 December 2011

Putting up the Tree

I am learning the tricks of organisation steadily. This year, before I pulled out the Christmas decorations, I had the presence of mind to photograph them all first.

 That way I can attach a photo to the box and repack things so that they fit in again.

I also took some advice from Organising Made Fun's, Becky and purged a few of the decorations that I no longer wanted to hang.

Last year I bought some really gorgeous handmade felt tree decorations from clever ladies on Facebook  - Kim from 'A little Birdie Told Me' and Lidya from 'Little Molly Designs'. So I didn't even bother getting out our old wooden ones this year. They are off to the op-shop soon.

Tristan spreading out the needles - the longest job
I usually dread putting up the tree....mainly because I am the one who gets stuck doing it all by myself. I was in for a pleasant surprise when my kids wanted to get involved on the first weekend in December. So I relinquished my desire to control and let them help out.

They really did help. I left it to my eldest to assemble the frame. Then, with the box of branches, I sat just outside and worked on spreading out the needles.  Then the 2 boys would insert them into the frame of the tree. Even my daughter was able to give this a go. She also supplied daddy with a steady stream of branches  while he sat on the couch watching rugby.

Duncan puts the last big section up.
Sorry about the blurriness - I dropped my camera
and it won't focus on mid-range anymore.
Hoping Santa finally brings me a digital SLR this year!
The team - Fran, Tristan and Duncan
It takes me a little while, sans kids, to drape the lights on the tree. Then we get out the decorations and trim away.

Then we get out the santa sacks full of stuffed soft Christmas toys (all supplied by grandma) and place them around the tree. 

And there it is all splendid in its finery.

The topper this year is a santa that my eldest made at school as our fairy is missing!

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