Thursday, 15 December 2011

Gingerbread Creations

Making Gingerbread houses is something that our church hosts every December on a Friday night. Last year there were 80 women and this year we had 140!

My friend Goldie's rainbow house

I was helping out with logistics, aiding construction, wrapping and cleaning up with the women's ministry team. So we got together the week before to make our houses.

Our front door
Back window
No kids are allowed on the night and so on the Sunday afternoon, some of us got together and let our kids create their own. I bought a gingerbread man kit from Aldi. As my kids are younger I felt it was challenging enough. I had to help out a bit.

Fran needed a bit of help
Duncan had other plans for his gingerbread

Voila! A gingerbread submarine, of course!

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