Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Declutter #7 - Tweaking

I have been revisiting the clutter hotspots to declutter and re-organise.
I got tired of the disorder in the freezer and bought some shallow trays.
I bought 3 more plastic boxes for the fridge.
Linen cupboard
I pared back the sheets and towels to 3 sets...1 being used and 2 in the cupboard. Out of season sheets, doona covers, electric blankets and mattress protectors were all zipped into the fabric bags.
Laundry cupboard
I put away a few items that were not being used regularly.
Bag rack
I replaced the red plastic tubs with some nicer woven baskets.
Shoe bench
Then to another 'hot spot' in the kitchen -  Tea, Coffee and Hot Choc shelf


AFTER - minor changes

With some tins bought at an op-shop to pretty it all up
Then something nice to greet you at the door.

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