Saturday, 17 December 2011

Deck the Halls with...

My kids call it "Christmasfying" the house...that time in December when the boxed up decorations are pulled out, dusted off, repaired or thrown away and placed around the house to make it feel more like Yuletide. 
Our new 'Noel' wall hanging
Wall hangings cover regular pictures
 Basically every surface or wall space is re-purposed with the Christmas spirit.
Door handles and catches
Photos of our family every year...2007 is missing!

Christmas cards received
I have only every seen one great card's one that turns the cards into a Christmas tree by slotting them in sideways...until I find one, my solution is a simple ribbon and pegs.

Simple but effective.

Everything becomes a Christmas tree
And after nearly 8 years...I finally got around to putting a photo of my children, on their first Christmas Day, into these sweet frames.

The birdcage decoration is transformed
A new purchase this year helps my son to do the maths and stop asking me
The gingerbread house becomes the table feature

We don't have a the sideboard must do the job
I have simplified the decorations this year...and some were relegated to the bin.
Our nativity scene
The last wall hanging was made by my mum (the other avid quilter and embroiderer). Isn't it sweet?

Applique detail...

and the last says it all...albiet cheekily.

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