Thursday, 6 December 2012

Tweaking the Front Entry

We don't have a home office but our front entry expedit does a good job of covering up our paperwork in its drawers and cupboards. It does seem strange that I am writing up this post a day after I started packing up some of the files and paperwork from this area. I have no clue how the front entry in our new home will be set up. It is quite a deal larger and darker than this rental.
Not our furniture here in the entry
Right next to the front door I have two sorting bags from IKEA. Documents and receipts with personal info are put into the top one to be later shredded. As you can see my recycling bag is chock full of paper and cardboard recycling.
Then I have a fireproof locked box for the essential documents - Wills, Passports, Birth/Marriage certificates and Insurance papers. I think I should put a few treasured photos and a few USB photo sticks in as well (folks who lose their house in a fire usually regret losing photos the most).

Next I have a portable suspended file for all those Appliance Manuals and Warranties.
 I have to be careful to stay on top of the mail and prevent the top of this expedit unit from attracting clutter. It's a bit of a 'drop zone' for my husband and I.

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  1. You know, I never thought of getting a fire box, but that is a really great idea. Photos, especially of deceased family members, important paperwork and USB sticks? Genius. Thanks for the idea. :)

  2. Great ideas here, thank you! I like to be organised and have places for things but too often the kitchen table is the drop zone. Think ill be heading o ikea in the holidays


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