Friday, 7 December 2012

Packing the Quilts

My mum is a prolific quilter and our family (especially my three children) have been the beneficiaries of some 20+ quilts of various sizes. 

They have been folded up and stored on the bottom two rows of an Expedit 4x4 unit. But I am aware that this is not ideal for stopping dust, mice and fading. 

SO, bravely with three kids in tow today, I bought some vacuum storage bags and under bed storage pouches to better protect these when not in use. It took a while to refold each quilt to fit the bags and then pop them into the zip pouches.

I also took two loads of fabric and one  load of linen over to the new house. Our new linen cupboard is nearly twice the size of the rental one!

So my linen cupboard is nearly empty.

There are a few seasonal items (doonas, flannelette sheets, blankets) still under our master bed that hopefully might fit into the new linen cupboard. It would be nice to have nothing under the bed except monsters!


  1. Oh it looks like you're doing well with all the packing! Such lovely quilts from your mum too!

  2. You are so lucky to have a heritage of quilts; they all look so beautiful!


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