Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Tackling the Master Closet

We move house in four days! But it has taken me until a week ago to complete the challenge for the Master Closet. It has been a 2 month WiP. Importantly I am glad I did it because the closet we are moving to has half the space and none of the great built in shelves that this one has.

You would be horrified to see how many clothes we had in this closet that were NOT being used. I was ruthless with my purging. Out went things that not longer fit, were not really my style, too hard to iron, were a mistake to buy in the first place. 
I managed to fill 5 garbage bags full of items for the op-shop. I can't tell you the relief and empowerment I felt afterwards. If you pop over and see Toni''s closet you will be dazzled - first by it's total bespoke organisation and secondly by the largest collection of jeans and thongs (flip flops/jandals) I have EVER seen! 
I am NOT a shoe kind of girl. I don't see the fascination in buying lots of pairs NOR have I  the inclination to shop for them either. I have practical flat shoes mainly and I do tend to hold onto them for years and years. So this time few shoes went into the bin and I found a couple of pairs in the shoe boxes that I had not worn since moving here 3 years ago!

A Word on Coat Hangers

One tip that Toni (ABFOL) gave was to use coat hangers of the same colour and, although I scoffed at first, I must now agree. I have been using plastic covered coat hangers for about 10 years but find that my wide-collared shirts all need a clothes peg to stop them from falling off. I found these fab-o textured coat hangers at Big W last week and they are perfect for solving the sliding issue - and they look good too!

I also purged a bag full of crocheted coat hangers I had been holding on to for sentimental reasons. They are my grandmother's handiwork. She died in 1992, and I probably have not used these in 10 years, so I took one photograph for posterity and donated those babies to Vinnies yesterday!

I realise that looking into other people's closets is not especially interesting but I am pretty proud of the decluttering that I did in this master closet. 

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  1. De-cluttering is wonderfully therapeutic, isn't it!? Someone will love your Granma's coat hangers!

  2. Wow, so soon now! Keeping my fingers crossed that it'll go smoothly. You've been doing a great job so far.

    1. You know the pain I a going through Mareen! Be so glad to have a place of our own soon.

  3. good job! I've been switching over my hangers just as you have. really does make a big difference. Good for you, finding a solution for your beautiful and sentimental hangers!


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