Wednesday, 5 December 2012

A Better Name for a Quilt

Lots of things going on this week in my life! We are moving house on Friday 14th December and so the countdown to pack and prepare is on. Not much sewing will happen from now on. But here's my WIP update.

Mystery Quilt

Yes - it is a very sad name for it. If you can suggest a better one, I would so appreciate it. I made it one weekend on a Quilt Course in Coffs Harbour earlier this year. Kristy had hers all done months ago but mine has languished because I am not really in love with the front.

But on the weekend I pulled out the leftover scraps and cutting mistakes and finally came up with a nice back to compliment the front. I even used some of the trimmed off grey fabric strips from last week's Katie Jump Kites back. Alas I like the back more than the front.

This Week's  Sewing  Stats

Completed projects  -  Mystery Quilt back

Currently in progress -  Wombat Stew Santa gift
Yet to start  - Sherbert Dreams Quilt
                            QCA Bee#1 Dec paper pieced block
On Hold projects   Craftsy BOMs from June, August, September, October and November
                                     - 4 Liberty Pillowcases 

Moving House

Then there is the packing WIP. It is a huge job not helped by the fact that our weather has been very stifling with heat and humidity the past week. No one wants to pack when it's 35+ degrees celcius.

This Week's Moving  Stats

Completed projects  - dvs and cds from lounge room
                                           - board games

Currently in progress - kid's personal files for awards, school, Support programs
                                               kid's books
Yet to start  - good crockery
                         - plastic ware
                         - everything else!
On Hold projects   kitchen appliances (friends may come and help with this)

DIY Begins
We exchanged contracts on the house two days ago and since gaining access I have been preparing some of the exposed timber for painting.

We need to lighten up the interior of the house somehow. There is a LOT of exposed stained timber and all the walls are brick. So I have chosen an internal colour scheme not unlike the one I chose for our new build in Sydney. 

I am starting in the pantry with the pine shelving. I bought my first power tool - a hand held sander. Unfortunately is is missing the adapter for the filter and so makes plenty of dust. The prep work is time consuming and so is painting the primer on all the timber pieces. I think I will be lucky to finish the smaller shelf this week.

This Week's DIY  Stats

Completed projects  - pantry shelves all sanded

Currently in progress - pantry shelves primed

Yet to start  - kitchen rack

So how are you going this week? There are lots of give-aways on blogs this week but I have no time to enter them. 

My boys finished up the school year today - yikes! So I have them at home whilst I pack the rest of this week and before their grandparents come up from Sydney to do some caravaning with them for the next week. School does not return until late January 2013. 

I am linking up with WIP Wednesday!

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  1. Your quilt reminds me of a Victorian garden. Lovely. You sure have your hands full with a move right before Christmas!

  2. I don't envy you having to move this time of the year. You certainly have your hands full! I think your quilt looks lovely. Never under estimate the impact of your work! Others will find it more pleasing than you. Take care and happy moving.

  3. Your quilt is great! Maybe a name like "Rose Garden Maze" would suit?

  4. You should check out Young House Love blog for tips to DIY lightening up the house on the cheap.

  5. I'm clueless on naming quilts - but good on you for working to get this finished! :)

    I've been thinking of you with the big move and this dreadfully hot weather! I guess the upside is it'll be the last move for a good while!

  6. I am amazed that you have any sewing time at all since you are getting ready to move. You are a better person than I. I happen to love your sorry you don't love it. I am really drawn to those colors and I love the pattern of the front. There you are. We all love different things.

  7. Oh!! Good luck with your move. We did that this year. It wasn't fun. Isn't an electric sander AWESOME? Just think of having to do that all by hand. . .

    For some reason your quilt makes me think of Hopscotch. . . Hopscotch Garden? I love it, though! It's really quite pretty in a retro way.

  8. We have almost almost finished fully renovating our house - just one darn staircase to paint...... I love the name Hopscotch Garden as suggested above!

  9. I know what you mean about Mystery Quilts. Sometimes they are so full of promise but you end up hating them for one reason or another. I've given away all of my mystery quilts and people love them--good for them to go to a good home.

    Good luck on the moving. I'm impressed you have any sewing to show while you are busy packing.

    Thanks for stopping by Freshly Pieced today and posting your WIP link.
    Elizabeth E.

  10. They're not my colours but you've done a great job. What about calling it Parterre Garden - that's what it reminds me of!


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